Power Quality Solutions and Products

Modern AC networks consists of loads that has significant non-linear operating characterestics. These non-linear loads present various power quality challenges to safer and cleaner power. Harmonic distortion, voltage variations, poor power factor and load unbalancing are the most commonly experienced power quality challenges.

We, at Powerline Solutions, with an extensive experience and proficiency in the field of Power Quality, offers a full spectrum of Power Quality services and products. We thrive to a world of cleaner power & Safe, Stable, Reliable, Efficient and Economic power utilization.

We Offer:


On-site power quality monitoring and data logging.

Power Quality can affect the overall business performance. Power quality issues can upset any process or sensitive equipment’s operation that does not seem to correspond to any identifiable source of power disturbance. Such an instance calls for real time power quality monitoring and data logging. Electrical Parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power, Harmonics, Dips and Swells, Unbalance, Flicker, Inrush, Transients etc can be monitored and logged for a detailed study.

Software Simulation studies in ETAP and ERACS

Being the leading softwares in the industry for power system analysis, we have a trained team of engineers from modelling to analysis of electrical networks and systems for cable sizing, short circuit analysis, motor acceleration, transient stability, protective device coordination and selectivity, harmonic injection studies, harmonic impedance studies, arc flash analyzis and much more…


Fault Investigation and Trouble shooting

With our extensive experience in electrical fault investigation and trouble shooting, we deliver expert advices and remedies for design, installation and maintenance faults on electrical systems including premature failure of electrical equipments, nuisance tripping of protective devices, capacitor banks and harmonic filters caused due to power quality and harmonic issues etc.

Thermal Imaging

This is a Non Destructive Technology used to detect, troubleshoot and fix problems on electrical installations. Most electrical installations tend to start its failure by building up abnormal temperature and heat. Thermal Imaging cameras can be used to detect these hot spots on electrical cabinets, switchgears, cables, cable terminations etc to detect the impending failures at an early stage.


Design, manufacture and supply of standard/ tuned/ detuned Low voltage Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters

Design, manufacture, supply, testing and Commissioning of MV Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters

Design and supply of Active Harmonic Filters

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