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An independent business organisation comprised of well-versed Engineers and professional support personnels dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of your power system. We cover an extensive range of disciplines as below.

We cover an extensive range of disciplines as below.

  • Power System Design and Feasibility Studies
  • Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Trouble Shooting Services

Power System Design and Feasibility Studies

Our Capability can be customized from basic design consultation to feasibility studies to a complete turnkey solution. Our solutions include but not limited to:

  • Substation Solutions
  • Switchgear Modernization and Retrofit
  • Protection System Upgrades

Substation Solutions

Our professionals pursues special know-how experience to build and upgrade substations without limitation due to site conditions or voltage levels.  This includes minor upgrades, major overhauls and new installations..

Switchgear Modernization and Retrofit

We can help you to modernize an existing system which benefits you to get a new technology at a fraction of the total replacement cost. Through our modernization solutions, you will also experience these benefits:

  • Less Outage/Downtime
  • Lower Cost of Manufacturing
  • Latest technology

Retrofit made easy – rely on an experienced partner

We are a Seasoned partner to depend on when it is time to retrofit MV & HV switchgear and related equipment.

Protection System Upgrades

We are your best business partner to evaluate your facility’s existing protection system and to determine if existing electrical system protection and reliability can be improved cost effectively

Testing & Commissioning Services

We provide Testing & Commissioning Services as below

  • Switchyard Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Electrical Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Pre-Commissioning Test Services

at its best, with utmost quality

Switchyard Testing & Commissioning Services

We render testing & commissioning services of electrical systems in switchyards. Our services includes commissioning, troubleshooting & relay co-ordination in accordance with international quality standards and set industrial norms.

Electrical Testing & Commissioning Services

We are one of the best Service Provider for Power Engineering Services. Our services encompass the testing and commissioning of Cables, Transformers, Switchgears, Protection Systems, SCADA Systems Services etc. by considering the specific requirements of our customers. We use advanced technology and modern testing tools in our services so as to maintain the industry standards.

Cable Testing

Powerline Solutions renders a world class Cable Testing Services. The increasing demand of uninterrupted power services has widened the scope of Cable testing Services offered by us. Our Capability of cable testing covers the following disciplines.

  • 1kV and 5kV Insulation tests
  • DC High Voltage tests up to 33kV
  • VLF cable testing

Transformer Testing

Our Transformer Testing capability covers the following

  • measurement of the winding resistance
  • HV & LV winding Insulation tests
  • Winding ratio checks
  • measurement of the insulation resistance or ground measurement
  • Bucholz testing
  • transformer ratio test (measure of the polarity)
  • short-circuit impedance measurement
  • measurement of the dielectric loss factor (tan Delta)
  • Oil sample and testing (electrical breakdown, acidity, water & PCB content, Disolved gas analysis)

Switchgear Testing

Our Switchgear Testing capability covers an extensive range of disciplines as below.

  • AC High Voltage testing
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio & flick tests, Mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio & polarity checks
  • Functionality checks
  • Protection testing

Protection Equipments testing

Our Protection equipments Testing capability covers an extensive range of disciplines as below.

  • Primary and secondary injection
  • Timing tests
  • Overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Directional Overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Differential transformer protection
  • Translay and Solkor feeder unit protection
  • Restricted and standby earth fault relays
  • Generator loss of mains and G59 protection
  • Neutral voltage displacement
  • Transformer auto tapping relays
  • Intertripping schemes

Pre-Commissioning Test Services

We are Frequently engaged in providing Pre-Commissioning Test for numerous engineering products.

Pre-Commissioning Tests on:

  • Power Transformers up to 315MVA
  • GIS / AIS substations up to 380 KV
  • Line, Generator, Transformer, Bus bar Protection Systems
  • Numerical Protective Relays
  • MV/LV Switchgears

Trouble Shooting Services

We are providing Trouble shooting and Failure/Fault analysis in various industries which is rendered by our skilled team of experts with the advanced tools and equipment, who have Broad experience in problem solving techniques. For our savoir-faire and prompt delivery on emergency conditions with flexible approach, our offered services are highly demanded in the industry market.

Modern Equipments/Tools in Hand

1. CPC 100, CPTD1, CPSB1
Manufacturer: Omicron

Manufacturer: Megger
Model No: FRAX 150

Modern Equipments/Tools in Hand

1. AC Hipots
Manufacturer: High Voltage Inc.
Model no. : PFT-1003

2. Digital Ohmmeter
Manufacturer: Megger
Model No: DLRO200

3. Circuit Breaker Analyzer
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : EGIL

4. Relay tester
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : Freja 300

5. Primary Current Injection system
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : Ingvar

6. Relay Testing system
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : SVERKER 780

7. Transformer Ohmmeter
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : MTO210

8. TTR
Manufacturer: Megger
Model : TTR330

Manufacturer: Megger
Model : MIT 520



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Dismantling of Existing UPS Systems and Its Cable

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